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Spray Dryers

Spray Dryers Spray Dryers Spray Dryers

Spray Drying Technology :

Spray drying technology is the most widely used process in chemical, minerals, pharmaceuticals, food,
Dyestuff industries for converting liquid solutions / suspensions / slurry / emulsions into either powder, granules or agglomerates.

The advantages of spray drying are consistent product quality, with better control on product parameters like product moisture, bulk density, particle size, dispersion, flow ability, etc.

At Rishikesh Exports, we believe that for the success of the system, it is necessary to translate the requirement including minute to minute aspects into engineering with proper selection of process, equipments configuration, auxiliaries and level of automation, etc.

Rishikesh Exports offers customised Spray Drying systems with variety of Configurations.

Air Flow Pattern Configurations
Air Flow Pattern Configurations :: Co-current

Drying media and atomised liquid droplets travel through the chamber in the same direction. This mode is ideal for drying of easy-drying and heat sensitive products.

:: Counter current

Drying media and atomised liquid droplets travel through the chamber in the same direction. This mode is ideal for the products which require high degree of heat treatment during drying and which are not heat sensitive.

Air Flow Pattern Configurations

:: Mixed Flow

Products particles experience both co-current and counter-current modes with this configuration. This configuration is suitable to produce agglomerates. With this configuration, drying can be completed at lower outlet air temperature, resulting in high thermal efficiency and improvement in product quality for thermoplastic and hygroscopic products.

Spray dryer followed by fluid bed dryer for drying products which require longer residence time & product conditioning post drying.

Pilot / Mini Spray Dryers :

‘Rishikesh’ Pilot / Mini Spray Dryer is an excellent choise for laboratory testing, small –scale powder production requirements.

These plants are designed for an evaporation capacity ranging from 3 kg/hr to 60 kg/hr.

‘Rishikesh’ Pilot Spray Dryer are complete skid mounted packaged plants, comprising of air heating section. Spray chamber, cyclone separator, bag filter liquid pumping system, liquid atomization system, air circulation blowers, and control panel with instruments.

Rishikesh offers Pilot / Mini Spray Dryer with variety of configurations.


:: Air Heating System Configurations

• Direct Fired / Indirect fired Air Heaters: using liquid / Gaseous Fuels.

• Indirect Air Heaters: using Steam / Hot Oil / Thermic Fluid.

• Electric Air Heaters : Using Electricity


:: Feed Liquid Atomization Options

• Rotary Disc Atomisers

• Two Fluid nozzles.

• High pressure Nozzles.


:: Additional Feature Configuration

• Two – stage systems with Internal Fluidised Bed

• Closed loop Systems with Inert Gas as Process Drying Media

• Solvent Recovery Systems

• Rotating Air Brooms for sweeping chamber walls

• Air Cooled Jacketed Chamber.

• Pre-dehumidification of Drying Air.

• Special Materials of Construction.

• CGMP construction.

• Computerized control system through PLC / DCS & SCADA

Spray Dryers Spray Dryers
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