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Pneumatic Conveying System

Pneumatic Conveying System
The art of transporting bulk materials through a pipe line by either a negative or a positive pressure airstream is called Pneumatic Conveying. The simplest pneumatic conveyor is a miniature hurricane, directed to a certain destination by means of a pipe. The air, when moving with sufficient velocity, will carry objects in its path, depending on its substance or weight. The reference to art is made here because Pneumatic Conveying is more an art than a science.

Pneumatic Conveying Systems are designed by vast experience, rather than just by formulae. Rishikesh Exports offers optimally designed systems which offer considerable economy.

The Concept Pneumatic System

General Description :
1. Zones  :

a) Prime mover zone
b) Feeding Mixing & Acceleration zone
c) Conveying Zone
d) Gas-solids Separation

2. Basic Components :

a) Compressors
b) Blowers/ Fans or vaccum pumps
c) Rotary Feeders
d) Piping
e) Diverting Valves
f) Dust Separators
g) Control Systems

3. Selection & Design Criterion :

a) Size of system i.e.capacity
b) Material to be conveyed
c) Space constraints
d) Reliability
e) Economics

4. Phase :

a) Dense phase system
b) Dilute phase system 

Pneumatic Conveying System

Pneumatic Conveying offers the user the following advantages:

Dust free transportation of a variety of products.
Flexibility in routing – can be transported vertically & Horizontally by the addition of a bend in the pipeline.
Distribution to many different areas in a plant and pick-up from several areas. 
Low maintenance and low manpower costs.
Multiple use - one pipeline can be used for a variety of products.
Ease of automation and control.

Positive Pressure System Negative Pressure System
                 Positive Pressure System                  Negative Pressure System
Combined Negative Positive Pressure System Closed Loop System
Combined Negative Positive Pressure System                  Closed Loop System

Application :

Applications vary from polymers to minerals and food grains to chemicals. The characteristics of materials play a key role in selection & design of a conveying system. Some of these are: Heat Sensitivity, Cohesiveness, Friability, Abrasive property etc.

Dryers : Spray Dryers   • Flash Dryers   • Agitated Swirl Flash Dryers   • Rotary Dryers
Fluid Bed Dryers   • Tube Bundle Dryers   • Vacuum Dryers   • Tunnel Dryers
Boilers : Steam Boilers   • Thermal (Thermic Fluid) Heaters   • Hot Water Generators
Steam Generators   • Waste Heat Recovery Boilers
Material Handeling Systems : Pneumatic Conveying System   • Diverter Valves   • Dual Tunnel Diverter Valve
Bucket Elevator
Foods Plant : Fruit Juice and Pulp Machinery   • Tea / Instant Tea Plant   
Coconut Milk / Powder    Processing Plant  • Mineral Water Treatment Projects  
Milk Project Plant   • Milk Coolers  • Butter Making Machinery
Air Pollution Control System : Dust Extraction System
Soap Manufacturing Plant : Soap Saponification   • Soap Finishing Line
Pharmaceutical Equipment    
Water Treatment Plant    
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