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Fruit Juice and Pulp Machinery

Fruit Juice and Pulp • Fruit Sorting / Grading Conveyors
• Fruit Cutting Conveyors
• Collection Tanks
• Filters
• Preheaters
• Pasteurizers
• Mixing Tanks
• Standardization Tanks
• Kettles
• Filling Machines
• Canning Line Setting
• Asceptron Line Setting
• Horizontal Retorts
• Chiller Baths
• Sealing Machines
• Drum Invertors
• Power Conveyors
• Packing Conveyors
To get a brief idea of the projects handled by us, here are the Fruit Juice / Pulp processing equipments, which we have supplied to our clients, who have showed their continuous patronage by giving repeated orders.
Mango Pulp Processing  
Mango Pulp Processing
We have supplied Fruit-grading conveyor, Preheater section for Mango pulp, standardization tanks, Mixing tanks & kettles along with other various equipments.
Here we have developed a unique system for the first time in India as a complete Mango pulp hot fill system in 210 kg drums. This is a full fledged system with automatic drum cleaning, drum filling, sealing, Drum inversion, holding, chilling & storage.
Asceptron Line  
In this process, lacquer coated drums in inverted position are sterilized with the help of steam nozzles provided under power-driven roller conveyers for a specific time. Subsequently, the drum is automatically transferred to drum inversion station & it is transferred to the filling machine. The drum is put on the rollers which are having load cells. The filling cycle starts automatically & filling gun goes inside the drum, to avoid the pulp falling from height & foaming. Later on the gun goes up as the filling is under progress after 70% filling is finished. Load cell gives command to shut the filling valve by 70%. This helps in fine filling of the pulp. As soon as 100% filling weight is achieved, the valve gets closed.
Asceptron Line
Fruit Juice Plant Fruit Juice & Pulp Plant
            Fruit Juice Plant      Fruit Juice & Pulp Plant
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