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Agitated Swirl Flash Dryers

In Agitated Swirl Flash Dryers, the wet feed is fed into the dryer housing by suitable feeding mechanism above the rotating swirl agitator. The hot air / gas stream is also admitted in the drying duct through specially designed distributor, admitting the air in swirling fashion. The material remains in agitated bed & dried material gets carried forward & separated in the Cyclones or bag filters. Some applications require pre-conditioning of feed by back-mixing of dry product.
‘Rishikesh’ offers Customized Agitated Swirl Flash Drying Systems with variety of Configurations.

:: Material Feeding Configurations:

• Mono Screw Feeder.
• Double Screw Feeder.
• Double Paddle Mixer for back mixing of dry product.
• Feed Bin with Lump Breaker.
• Volumetric feeder.
• Rotary Feeder.
• Specially design double shaft feeder followed by mono screw.
• Positive Displacement Screw Pump for Viscous liquid / Pastes.

:: Particle Classifier Options:

• Orifice Classifier
• Rotary particle Classifier

Agitated Swirl Flash Dryers

:: Air Heating System Configurations :

• Direct Fired / Indirect Fired Air Heaters : using Liquid / Gaseous Fuels
• Direct / Indirect Fired Air Heaters: using Solid Fuels, Agro Waste, Saw Dust, Rice Husk, Coal, Briquette etc.
• Indirect Air Heaters: Using Steam / Hot Oil / Thermic Fluid
• Electric Air Heaters: using electricity

Agitated Swirl Flash Dryers

:: Product / Fines Recovery System Configurations:

1)Cyclone Separators – Mono, Twin, Quadruple, Multi etc.
2)Bag Filters – Reverse Pulsejet, Mechanical shaking etc.
3)Wet Scrubbers – Direct Contact Ventury, Adjustable Ventury, Packed scrubbers etc.

:: Optional Features Configurations:

1)Product Cooling and Conveying Systems.
2)Exhaust gases Recycling for better thermal efficiencies.
3)Safety accessories like Static Jumpers, Fire Fighting Systems, Rupture Disc etc.
4)Water Cooled Dryer Agitator bearing housing for high temp. operation.
5)Computerized control system through PLC / DCS & SCADA.

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